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Punjabi Chaap Corner is one of the leading restaurant brands in Canada involved in offering plant-based meat products to customers. The different varieties of chaaps made from plant-based food ingredients are one of the most widely emerging dishes and have slowly become a preferred choice for people in Canada. Imagine if vegetarians could get their own vegetarian chicken nuggets or their favorite seekh kebab in a vegetarian variety. Vegetarians have meat cravings too. At Punjabi Chaap Corner, we serve different types of chaap that taste just like meat. How about satisfying the meat cravings of vegetarians who are non-vegetarian lovers? If you are interested in the food chain business, Punjabi Chaap Corner is giving you a golden opportunity to own a franchise at your preferred location.

Punjabi Chaap Corner is heaven on earth for vegetarians. We offer quality food at an affordable price with the flavors of Punjab from North India. We provide handholding and complete support for entrepreneurs and investors who are interested in investing in getting a franchise. Whether it is franchising or anything else that we do, we always follow a dedicated, simple, and uncomplicated approach to everything. We are fully committed to our franchisees, from offering initial support to training them on how to create a happy and welcoming environment at the restaurant


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Our mission is simple. We want to deliver the taste without compromising the quality.  Through the concept of Punjabi Chaap Corner,  make chaaps made from mock meat are popular among people. Mock meat tastes just like animal meat and is nutritionally healthier and less severely damaging to the environment. We respect our customers' preferences and choices. We understand the pain points of vegetarians who do not eat animal meat. We are there to serve them high-quality, tasty, and healthy vegetarian food through Punjabi Chaap Corner.

Through a Punjabi Chaap Corner franchise, you have the opportunity to serve nourishing and delicious food to food-loving people. The best part about a Punjabi Chaap Corner franchise is that you get hassle-free service, a fully automated kitchen, consistency with all recipes, a chef-independent kitchen model, and no staff dependency. You also get complete handholding and guidance by our expert team. We can also help you choose the right location that creates the maximum impact on customers. The investment is affordable and a great opportunity for entrepreneurs or investors to establish a strong presence in the food industry. Invest money and effort in proven business ideas and concepts and satisfy customers through delightful and mouth-watering dishes.


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